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Anonymous asked:

When I checked your blog I saw an ask in some weird language (Nordic language maybe?) and didn't really understand but from the tags I read something about boys and girls can't be friends with out people thinking they are in a relationship can you explain what it was about ? And do you think it is irritating that people assume that and do you do it yourself? Believing two persones of the opposite sex that is close friends are in a relationship?

Hello anon,

The ask you’re talking about was in Swedish (so, yes a Nordic language).
The ask was about one close friend of mine (male) and me, the anon asked if we were dating and I got so irritated because of it. I know and think that two persons of the opposite sex can be friends. I can’t see the problem in it, and why it must almost end in that everybody thinks you’re together. 
I think the truth why I got so irritated was because I know it must be somebody I know from my previous school and it’s bothering me.

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