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Familiar Faces (part 1)

starring Elrond, Nerdanel and Maglor’s wife


I fell in love with a story about elrond meeting nerdanel in the fourth age written by ncfan. So when an anon asked me to draw a meeting between them I took the chance. This one is for you anon [^^,]

This is my first time trying out storytelling with my drawings and it is hella tedious (I’m pretty bad with buildings and details so I’m sorry if it looks a little crappy >.< )…but it was nice. The focus of this drawing is elrond meeting nerdanel.

Ps: If you haven’t read ncfan’s ‘Familiar Faces’ fics I recommend you to (the whole story is hers, I just draw…) Here is a link to the story =D:


UPDATE!: I had to do it by parts because I just noticed the pictures are unclear. sorry for the inconvenience [^^;]>.

Part 2 is already up, here:

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